Top Five Rookie Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Launching successful marketing campaigns takes creativity, initiative and perseverance. Although most business owners learn the best ways to market through experience and pain-staking trial and error, there are several common mistakes made by new owners that can easily be avoided with a little foresight and preparation. We highlight these “rookie mistakes” below to help new owners generate effective campaigns that bring in higher returns on investment the first time and every time.Rookie Mistake #1: Assuming that you are your own target market.When it comes to marketing your most effective consumer audience, many new business owners make the common mistake of believing they are representative of the target market. For example, they think, “I am upscale, and I read Val-Pak, therefore other women like me read it, and in my market that is the best way to promote.” or, “This ad does not appeal to me, therefore it would not appeal to any woman who is in my demographic group.’”This thinking is wrong and you should avoid advertising based solely on your personal beliefs or preferences. While tailoring your approach to a targeted market is the most effective way of getting your message to the right people, you do not want to narrow your audience too much, or alienate consumers all together. Instead, consider testing different types of ad campaigns, using focus groups and taking note of the marketing aims of other successful companies that share your industry.Rookie Mistake #2: Giving up on a marketing plan too soon.Do not assume your direct mail campaign is a failure because your 5,000 piece mailing only yielded 10 inquiries. Creating brand awareness takes time. Re-evaluate your mailing list and the criteria used when selecting the recipients. If you know that the parameters used were on point, trust your instinct. Be patient and keep at it. Through persistence, you will build your membership base.It is common for new business owners to blame the marketing when they do not sell products or services effectively. A seasoned pro knows to keep close track of closing percentages so that he/she knows where their team is lacking. Manage every aspect of your business and keep up with any feedback you are getting. By tracking what your clients are doing, as well as how you are being received, you can pinpoint which marketing efforts are working the best.Rookie Mistake #3: “Saving” money by ordering inexpensive print materials.Ordering printed marketing materials from an online print wholesaler, a local printer, or producing your own on a home inkjet printer will nearly always translate to diminished quality. Many times, a prospective client will make a decision about your services or products based upon a single postcard, business card, or flyer they receive. Perception is reality when it comes to print quality. Keeping your print material and stationary at high quality presents a polished, professional image to the world and is well worth the money invested.Rookie Mistake #4: Not keeping consistent with your universal image or brand.Specific companies serve a specific market niche. For example, elements for women is an upscale, boutique fitness spa promoting a balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle: body, beauty, and mind. Every single marketing directive is consistent with this philosophy. The company does not aim their message at men or those interested in YMCA-type fitness facilities, because that is not consistent with the brand. While first-time business owners will want to target EVERYONE in hopes of getting more hits, they will get more results from directing their efforts towards people their brand is targeted at. It’s quality over quantity. Bottom line: stick to your niche and you will be very successful.Rookie Mistake #5: Not taking advantage of off-premise marketing opportunities.Some of the best, most cost-effective marketing can be accomplished through community events and sponsorships, and there are numerous ways to get involved while promoting your business. A community event can take many forms, including a marathon, local festival or charity ball. Although the cost varies depending on the type of event you are involved in, it is usually less costly and more personal than advertising and is a great grass-roots approach to marketing.You can increase your impact at events by setting up kiosks and trade booths. Be sure to leverage the inclusion of your logo on all printed marketing materials, including event programs, t-shirts and merchandise. The cost is small and you’ll make a good return on your investment provided your team assertively seeks and captures leads at the event. Make sure you and your team are properly attired in professional or branded gear and are excited about getting out into the community. Energy is contagious!

Attraction Marketing – What is It?

You’ve got yourself or you’re looking at a Network Marketing / Direct Sales / MLM business.What’s next?Gone are the days of cold-calling, making lists, hassling family members and generally alienating yourself from everyone you know and care about. In the last few years, there has been a small revolution in the Network Marketing arena. And the new game is called “Attraction Marketing”So, What is Attraction Marketing?Well, as the name suggests, it’s all about “Attracting” people to you.In the past, you were told that everyone is a prospect. You were told to talk to anyone and everyone to try and get them to join your business. As anyone who’s been around for a while will know; this is not the case and in fact it’s a really good way to get very demoralised very quickly.What you need to do is find people that want to change their lives or are looking for a business to join. Even better you want these people to find you!Attraction Marketing is all about putting yourself out on the web so that these types of people CAN find you.You take steps to position yourself as an expert in your field so that the people that find you gain respect and trust for you. They come to like and admire what they see and have genuinely benefited from what you have given them. They believe that you are the person that will help them get what they want; time, financial or personal Freedom.They then contact YOU.This instantly puts you in a position of power and control.The person who makes the initial contact is always going to be in a weaker position. When someone contacts you first, it gives you a position of authority. Making you job much easier. No longer are you trying to convince anyone to join you and your company. You are now interviewing people to see if they are good enough to be a part of your team.I’m guessing you can instantly see the benefits of this.The way you do this is by providing Good Content.This is where a lot of people get it wrong. It is not about putting out advertising and sales pitches everywhere you can. That makes you the person making first contact, putting you in the weaker position. You need to put Good stuff, Great stuff, out on the web for people to find that will actually enrich their lives.Now I know that right now most of you are probably thinking “but I’m not an expert in anything”.You’re wrong.Everyone is an expert at something. Even if it’s “stamps made in Australia between 1980-1990″. If there is a topic you know more about than most of your friends. That is where you will start. As you move along you will learn more and be able to provide better and more targeted content.So grab yourself a cup of coffee, go sit down somewhere quiet and start brainstorming the things you know a lot about.

Larger Commissions Are Why Top Tier Direct Sales Are So Attractive

You may be wondering why top tier direct sales are so big right now. In addition to the fact that you can earn big commissions, there are many other reasons as well.

Let’s begin with the opportunity to earn commissions which are typically larger than what can be earned in most other network marketing businesses. There are several things that contribute to this.

The sales price of most of the products sold in this industry is in the thousands. Higher priced products equal higher commissions.

The commission percentage of many of these products can range from 20% to as high as 60%. A high commission rate combined with higher priced items can make for some very good paychecks!

Many top tier companies are set up to allow you to take advantage of different levels (or tiers) of income making potential. Let’s say for example it costs $2000 for an initial investment into a top tier business. You can increase your earning potential by doubling or even tripling that investment.

When you invest into a higher level residual income potential is greater. That leads us to another reason why top tier direct sales is so attractive: The type of person you can recruit into this business tends to be much more entrepreneurial than those in traditional network marketing.

You no longer will have to hard sell hundreds of distributors to spend $50 on a sales kit. You will be dealing with people who know that it takes money to make money and are seriously looking at building a big business.

Because of that they are not afraid of taking risks and spending thousands of dollars for the opportunity to build a business. So when you bring just a few people aboard with that mentality you have tremendous potential for residual income.

In this type of business environment it becomes somewhat of a “quality rather than quantity” philosophy. You will be working with fewer people who have greater resources.

Compared to other types of network marketing businesses you won’t expend near the time and energy in developing and maintaining your team. This is because it won’t take the large numbers of distributors to build an organization like it does with a traditional MLM.

As for the product in top tier sales you get paid immediately once sales are made. There is not a wait for the company to process a sale which could take several days or even weeks in a traditional MLM.

Another benefit in this business compared to MLM is that there is never any inventory to invest in. Since this is direct sales and you are just the marketing entity, product is shipped directly from the company to the buyer.

There are also less competitors selling high end products. You will not be selling the standard MLM items such as juice, weight loss products, or vitamins, etc.