Simple Success in Network Marketing – It Only Takes 2 Steps

Having had the privilege of working with 10′s of thousands of network marketers I have found that there are two main principles that I can identify as being the reasons for success. Although they all run their businesses differently, some do home shows, others fairs, and others spend time selling and recruiting on the Internet, but no matter what the business strategy, there are two things in common for every one that is even mildly successful.

Point #1

The first thing that I find in common among the most successful direct sales leaders is that they know exactly why they are in direct sales and what they want to become. The desired outcomes are as different as the people who have them, but there is no doubt that they know what they want and they are willing to work to get it. I have seen everything from wanting to make a car payment, wanting some extra shopping money, wanting to quit a full time job and work from home, wanting to spend more time with kids, or wanting to replace income after a death or divorce. Other times it has more to do with a feeling of accomplishment or proving that you can be successful and contribute to the lives of others. But the reality is that there has to be a driving cause that you are fighting for.


Because hard times hit everyone that does direct sales. Many of you have experienced some of the negative sides of this business. Family and friends that consider your involvement with direct sales a waste of time, parties that don’t go how you had hoped, cancelled parties, recruits that don’t join (or end up joining under someone else), recruits that join with real potential but never pan out. No matter what the setback is, nearly everyone has experienced it in direct sales. The difference is, those who know where they are going work through it while those who don’t simply get worked. Those who quit do not lack ability, they do not lack the education or the personality, they usually lack the drive and the reason. You have to have a reason that gets you out of bed every day and that allows you to smile and move on while others are feeling dejected and dismayed.

Amazingly, this seems to be more important for those that are successful than how they hold their parties or how they approach potential customers or recruits. More important than how many recruits do they talk to a day or what do they put in their hostess packet. More important than how they dress or how they incentivize their downline.


Because all of that become less important when you are driven. When you are driven you find a way. When things don’t go right you work around it, when you mess up, you learn and move on. When someone says “No” you find someone to say “Yes.” Everyone does it differently and I haven’t met many people who said, “I wasn’t going to join that organization, but then I saw her recruiting packet and there was one brochure in there that totally changed my mind.” NO ONE SAYS THAT! People join because they are drawn to the personality or the success of the sponsor or because they love the product. If you know why you are doing this and that reason drives you, you will be successful. If you don’t know why, then I can almost certainly guarantee you are not driven and you need to get that figured out before you will ever become successful. I have NEVER talked to someone that had sustained levels of high success that said, “Well, I am only kind of interested in this. I don’t really like it, but I do it because it pays the bills.” Now I have heard that from many people in the corporate world who work just to get by, but I never hear it from successful people in the direct sales world. Get your reason figured out, put that reason to work for you to create your drive and work to achieve your reason, it is that simple.

Point #2

The second practice that successful people do is to help others find Point #1. Once you know what you are after and are driven to achieve it, you have to find and get others on board to that same process. You can either find them, or help make them. From day one you should be engaging those that you recruit to find out what their reason is and how driven they are to achieve. Those that have a high level of response and appear to be driven are recruits that you will want to spend more time with. Others will simply be hobbyists who are happy to make a few hundred dollars a month and never really move up. You need these people! Your organization will benefit from the consistency and volume that they bring, so find ways to appreciate and recognize these people, but they should not take the bulk of your time. You should also make sure you are not trying to force them into becoming something that they are not. Keep in touch with them and keep helping them and when something changes they may catch fire. But, make sure you spend your time finding and growing those with purpose and drive. Ask within the first few days why they signed up and where they are expecting to go with their business. Help develop goals and watch to see if they work to achieve them. Replicate your success with them and your organization will never die. Stop recruiting and building others and you will start the downward spiral. The key here is that you have to give of yourself to others. You have to be willing to do all you can to help them and mentor them to achieving their goals without creating dependency. Help them to determine goals and then watch to see if they are driven to achieve or simply content to grow at a slower rate.

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Best Place To Find Fun Women’s Beach Sandals For Summer

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