Larger Commissions Are Why Top Tier Direct Sales Are So Attractive

You may be wondering why top tier direct sales are so big right now. In addition to the fact that you can earn big commissions, there are many other reasons as well.

Let’s begin with the opportunity to earn commissions which are typically larger than what can be earned in most other network marketing businesses. There are several things that contribute to this.

The sales price of most of the products sold in this industry is in the thousands. Higher priced products equal higher commissions.

The commission percentage of many of these products can range from 20% to as high as 60%. A high commission rate combined with higher priced items can make for some very good paychecks!

Many top tier companies are set up to allow you to take advantage of different levels (or tiers) of income making potential. Let’s say for example it costs $2000 for an initial investment into a top tier business. You can increase your earning potential by doubling or even tripling that investment.

When you invest into a higher level residual income potential is greater. That leads us to another reason why top tier direct sales is so attractive: The type of person you can recruit into this business tends to be much more entrepreneurial than those in traditional network marketing.

You no longer will have to hard sell hundreds of distributors to spend $50 on a sales kit. You will be dealing with people who know that it takes money to make money and are seriously looking at building a big business.

Because of that they are not afraid of taking risks and spending thousands of dollars for the opportunity to build a business. So when you bring just a few people aboard with that mentality you have tremendous potential for residual income.

In this type of business environment it becomes somewhat of a “quality rather than quantity” philosophy. You will be working with fewer people who have greater resources.

Compared to other types of network marketing businesses you won’t expend near the time and energy in developing and maintaining your team. This is because it won’t take the large numbers of distributors to build an organization like it does with a traditional MLM.

As for the product in top tier sales you get paid immediately once sales are made. There is not a wait for the company to process a sale which could take several days or even weeks in a traditional MLM.

Another benefit in this business compared to MLM is that there is never any inventory to invest in. Since this is direct sales and you are just the marketing entity, product is shipped directly from the company to the buyer.

There are also less competitors selling high end products. You will not be selling the standard MLM items such as juice, weight loss products, or vitamins, etc.