Email Marketing – 6 Reasons to Use Emails in Marketing


According to most research reports on the effectiveness of email marketing, email is 20 times more effective than direct mail. Most people are more likely to open and read an email than open a direct mail package. In most cases, most of your customers who have received emails from you have chosen to receive the communication from you and are more receptive to your offerings.

Imagine a simple direct mail package which consists of a cover letter, a direct mail offer and reply envelope typically costs an average of $2 to mail. Email on the other hand cost you almost next to nothing except for the Internet connection which you pay to your Internet service provider every month.


According to statistics from the Direct Marketing Association, the opt-in response rate for emails is 50 times greater than traditional advertising. As of 2010, email has a return-of-investment (ROI) of $42 for every $1 spent.


By using email as a marketing tool, it allows marketers to generate rapid responses. In addition, it creates an electronic tracking link that allows them to measure the response to each email campaign they have sent out. Statistics that can be instantly generated include,

· Open rate of emails: That is the number of emails that get opened versus number of emails that were sent out.
· Click thru rate: The number of times a link in an email message is click thru.
· Bounced rate: The number of emails that were not delivered successfully.
· Sales: Number of sales generated if there is a payment link embedded with an email message.

These are valuable statistics that can help marketers determine the success or failure of their campaign. Unlike traditional forms of marketing such as direct mail, the information and feedback may not be that immediate. Marketers have to wait for three to six months before they can determine the success of a campaign. Email marketing changes all that and creates a form of immediate feedback.


By leveraging on email marketing tools such as an auto responder, you can segment your list of subscribers by

· Demographics
· Purchasing history
· Interest

This allows you to tailor your messages and offers to the individual recipient, thereby boosting your response rate.

Email marketing allows you to focus your offers to customers on your segment who are most likely to be interested in a particular product or service offering.


Nowadays, creating an email marketing campaign can be as easy as writing an email. There are some auto responders that allows you to use professional html templates, interesting graphics of your product or service and an intuitive editor. These tools can be valuable to small business owners who do not have large budgets to spend on advertising. These tools allow the small business owner to leverage on tools like these to make themselves look like big corporations sending these emails.


If you are using an auto responder to send emails, you can write the emails and offerings in advance and send them out automatically to subscribers on your list on a predetermined date. For instance, if you know your business is going to be busy before ‘Thanksgiving’, you can set a date on your message system to send out messages or greetings on that day so your customers can receive your offers without you having to remember to do it.
Email marketing is an effective way and low-cost way to reach out to your customers. It can be a very good way to market your products or services and allows you to follow-up with your customers in an effective way.