Business Sales Promotion Tips in Direct Marketing and Ideas in Closing the Deal

One for the proven business promotion tactics is direct marketing. Let me share with you some few substantive tips on this king of marketing strategy.

Seize the deal: – Here you basically want to keep the impulse level of the customer high, to maintain a positive attitude is better achieved by assuming that you have already made a sale. Let the buyer know that the merchandise is selling like hot cake. In fact, all his neighbors have each picked and the piece you are holding is the last. By so doing you will be giving the customer fear of losing the all important product. In direct marketing you need to be in full control all through. In a case where the customer takes control of the salesman you are bound to lose that client easily.

Close the deal: – This of course is a very important marketing strategy because it is the sole reason you are in business, to close the deal and make money. There would be no use of raising the impulse levels so high if you cannot capitalize and close the deal at the right moment. Otherwise, if you are not careful the customer may begin losing interest and you end up being unable to close the deal.

A marketing strategy of closing the deal is by asking the customer whether he will be taking three dozens or ten. Do not give the buyer a choice where he will say no. For instance do not ask, “are you buying or not” because you are giving him a choice to say no.

Re-sell:- Once you have made the sale and the money is seated comfortably in your pocket, do not take off at full flight excited by that one sale, instead capitalize on this customer. If he was able to buy some pieces from you that means there is a chance he may buy more for a friend relative or spouse. Customers sometimes love to be given ideas on whom to buy for.

There are more valuable business sales promotion tips in direct marketing but I have shared just a few pointers on this article and I will keep on submitting more.