Attraction Marketing – What is It?

You’ve got yourself or you’re looking at a Network Marketing / Direct Sales / MLM business.What’s next?Gone are the days of cold-calling, making lists, hassling family members and generally alienating yourself from everyone you know and care about. In the last few years, there has been a small revolution in the Network Marketing arena. And the new game is called “Attraction Marketing”So, What is Attraction Marketing?Well, as the name suggests, it’s all about “Attracting” people to you.In the past, you were told that everyone is a prospect. You were told to talk to anyone and everyone to try and get them to join your business. As anyone who’s been around for a while will know; this is not the case and in fact it’s a really good way to get very demoralised very quickly.What you need to do is find people that want to change their lives or are looking for a business to join. Even better you want these people to find you!Attraction Marketing is all about putting yourself out on the web so that these types of people CAN find you.You take steps to position yourself as an expert in your field so that the people that find you gain respect and trust for you. They come to like and admire what they see and have genuinely benefited from what you have given them. They believe that you are the person that will help them get what they want; time, financial or personal Freedom.They then contact YOU.This instantly puts you in a position of power and control.The person who makes the initial contact is always going to be in a weaker position. When someone contacts you first, it gives you a position of authority. Making you job much easier. No longer are you trying to convince anyone to join you and your company. You are now interviewing people to see if they are good enough to be a part of your team.I’m guessing you can instantly see the benefits of this.The way you do this is by providing Good Content.This is where a lot of people get it wrong. It is not about putting out advertising and sales pitches everywhere you can. That makes you the person making first contact, putting you in the weaker position. You need to put Good stuff, Great stuff, out on the web for people to find that will actually enrich their lives.Now I know that right now most of you are probably thinking “but I’m not an expert in anything”.You’re wrong.Everyone is an expert at something. Even if it’s “stamps made in Australia between 1980-1990″. If there is a topic you know more about than most of your friends. That is where you will start. As you move along you will learn more and be able to provide better and more targeted content.So grab yourself a cup of coffee, go sit down somewhere quiet and start brainstorming the things you know a lot about.