3 MLM Direct Sales Marketing Components! Do You Know Them?

Their are three components that an effective MLM direct sales marketing funnel must have. The first component is what’s called a lead capture page or squeeze page. Think of a lead capture page as your personal prospecting and filtering component so you don’t have to make cold calls to one lead at a time and qualifying them while sorting through all the curious people. You can use a lead capture page to do the sorting for you. It can also be looked at as your door way for entering your MLM direct sales marketing system. A lead capture page can also be used to sort through hundreds or even thousands of prospects at a time while doing your marketing. Try doing that with a lead list while making cold calls!

An effective MLM direct sales marketing landing page should have a headline that creates curiosity in a prospect. A solution! Included on a lead capture page are bullet points or video that gives the prospect and idea what they have the opportunity to learn on the other side after they submit their information. Their are many lead capture pages that use video and bullet points or just video. There must also be an opt in form available on a lead capture page to capture the prospects information for follow up and relationship building purposes.

Which brings me to the MLM direct sales system component number two. This component is a must have. There must be Email follow up taken place all the time to stay in contact with the prospects that enter the funnel. Not just any email follow up but effective email copy that will educate and remind the prospect to take action on whatever product or service is being marketed in a MLM direct sales marketing system. It typically takes seven to twelve interactions with your prospects once they enter the system before they even know you exist. Effective email follow up will keep you in contact with your prospects as long as you want to.

Component number three of a MLM direct sales marketing funnel is called a direct marketing sales page. Think of a direct marketing sales page as your own personal sales man. However their are sales men that couldn’t sell snow to an Eskimo and sales men or women who can sell almost anything. So your sales page must have an effective presentation that creates conversion ratios. This means as you send prospects to the sales page a percentage will buy. Don’t confuse any of these components with replicated web sites that MLM companies promote to their distributors. Most of them just look nice but don’t do the job of creating conversions.

An effective MLM direct sales page uses and attraction model. This means as a prospect reads the sales page, it creates such strong interest in that prospect that they end up selling themselves. This is what makes a MLM direct sales marketing funnel so powerful. The best part is that it take you out of the selling and telling process. All you have to do is run some marketing and generate targeted traffic to the system and watch it convert.

Radio And Joint Venture Marketing Explained

I’m willing to bet that 95% of the people who will read this article are struggling to make money in their business. So how can I make this bold prediction? Well actually, the math is already done for us. If you didn’t already know, 95% of all businesses that will open up shop this year will fail.

This is shouldn’t become a shocker to you, as I’m almost certain that you were aware of this incredible fact. If you want to survive in your business, then it’s best to start doing things a little bit differently if you want to see improvements in your sales and profits. And that is what this article will focus on.

Let’s take a look at some marketing strategies that will help you to have success with marketing your business:

1) Radio

If you feel intimidated about creating a radio ad or even being interviewed over the phone for a local radio station, then you should feel confident that your expertise and experience will allow you to keep the right words flowing out of your mouth. So there’s nothing to be worried about – but you should consider practicing for it.

It’s best if you can get a friend in the room and practice some interview questions with. This will help you a lot because if you get nervous about doing an interview face-to-face with someone, the more you can learn how to overcome this, the faster you will more confident about doing the radio interview.

Just make sure you’re able to promote your product or service over the air. In fact, it’s a good idea to occasionally mention your product or service, and how it can help people. You will want to do this because some radio stations will get you for the whole interview, all while snipping out your product/business information. So keep that in mind the next time you go for a radio interview. Here’s another tip for having marketing success:

2) Joint ventures

I could go on and on about the value of joint venture marketing, but I think you will benefit more from this technique by putting it into action. With joint ventures, you get to improve your sales and profits for a very low price. And as a result of the partnership that you formed, there’s potential for you to continue running joint ventures far into the future.

So how does joint venture marketing work? Well, what it is essentially is that you’re collaborating with another business owner in your city who has a similar customer database that you have. So if I owned a GNC nutritional store and you owned a fitness gym, there’s a great opportunity for us to do business together.

Partnerships like this can do a lot for your business. It would be in your best interest to see how you can implement these 2 strategies in your business today. And hopefully you’ll be able to run both of these campaigns on a monthly basis.

Good luck with using these tips to earn more money in your business.

Fitness Marketing Using Office Infiltration

This is a low-cost and sure-fire fitness marketing tip to grab the attention of many potential clients at once. It all has to do with word-of-mouth referrals from your current clients.

The first and second parts of the office infiltration is great, but the third part of this office infiltration method will more than likely get you some direct access to some great new clientele. You’d be amazed at how many of your clients have huge professional networks. Many times this base of people is exponentially larger than most people’s personal networks. Those large networks are just full of potential clients!

First, take some time, perhaps a few hours a week, and send a text message to your clients while they are at work. Let them know you love working with them and how great they are doing. Tell them to have a great day and let them think it’s a direct text to them.

Another way you can use the first tier of office infiltration in your fitness marketing is to call them at work. Again, just take a few hours per week and give a call to some of your top clients, especially those you know work for large corporations. Let them know you love working with them and how you’d love to work with 10 more people just like them.

The third fitness marketing technique using office infiltration involves going in to someone’s office for a visit with a gift. What you want to do is get a big fruit basket. Then attach several helium balloons to your basket. Go to the office, and you will be watched as you deliver the fruit basket to your client. Next you can approach this one of two ways. If your client will walk you through the office to meet some of his or her co-workers, you can strike up some conversations, and if someone sounds like they have some weight loss or fitness goals, simply offer them a free week or gift card towards your services. This is certainly a favor for their friend.

The other way is to leave some gift cards in their basket, and as they share the fruit and people come by, your client will love handing out free fruit and free gift cards.

If you are able to talk directly to some potential clients, you can try to secure some contact information, such as an email address, and let them know you will email them with information, whether it’s a report, directions to your facility, or to communicate when they would like to come.

Either way, these office infiltration fitness marketing tips are sure to help your business grow, if you take action!